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Whether you are a product manager, architect, fashion designer, advertiser, TV producer, educator, or consumer your work with color should be knowledgeable and conscious!

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Leslie in Sept '07 O The Oprah Magazine

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On the color gray: "… It's also reassurlng because it's resilient, according to color strategist Leslie Harrington of Connecticut-based LH Color: Neutrals
have a lot to staying power; when they do
go out of style, they come back fast."

to O The Oprah Magazine's september issue (article available only in print).

Men's Health – Too Much On Your Plate?

Modern food science explains why you just can't stop eating.

"Nowadays, companies are investing a lot of money to figure out this kind of information," says Leslie Harrington, Ph.D., founder of LH Color, a Connecticut-based company that advises food manufacturers on ways to leverage color's psychological effects. "You can't change behavior by cognition alone," she says. "You need to engage a consumer's emotions, and color is just one of many ways to do this."


Leslie Harrington in The New Yorker

"because color influences consumer choice, Harrington is often asked to research the way people respond to various palettes"

Leslie Harrington, President of LH Color was recently featured in The New Yorker, where Eric Konigsberg spins a tale of what life is like for those that are tasked with making color decision for the product, bands and environments in or lives.

If you missed the article, you can download it here.

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Radio Interview

By Design on ABC's Radio National

Leslie was recetly interviewed by Alan Saunders, host of ABC Radio National's By Design program in Australia, about her work in the field of color. Follow the link below to listen to her interview:

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